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Really great as always - kids loved it. Used an altar fire as a BBQ which was excellent. Looking forward to sorting out a larger camp now.
We brought our small cub pack along for the weekend and had an amazing time
The site suited us perfectly, with a good combination of well kept, contained flat space for camping and then more interesting fields for exploration and adventure.
There was everything we wanted, needed and more both inside and out - with access to wood, ropes, maps, wide games, buckets, altar fires etc for our outdoor activities. Indoors the hut was immaculately clean, not a spider web or daddy long leg in sight! Plus the tables, benches and fully equipped kitchen meant we could travel light, which suited us for this camp particularly. We had a very warm welcome and comprehensive handover and would definitely recommend this site to others. We will be booking here again I'm sure.
Thank you for letting us stay at Castle Mound. We had a fantastic weekend. It was great to stay at such an organised and well resourced site.
Fillongley Beavers
Oct 2017
Thank you for the use of your site. It is probably the best equipped site I have ever camped on. Your facilities are second to none. Everything was clean and tidy when we arrived and I loved your labelling – no excuse for not knowing where things are kept or putting things back in the wrong place.
We especially liked your metal altar fires and would be grateful if you could let me know where you had them made as I would like to equip our Scout HQ with something similar….We will be making a booking for next year.
About a girl in wheelchair:
Her Mom was impressed with the facilities.
July 2017
I have just about recovered from a very hectic day last Saturday. We arrived at the Campsite with threatening clouds and were grateful for the shelter of the wonderful new cabins at Castle Mound. We were able to welcome the girls and their families as they arrived and there was plenty of room to store bags and wet weather gear for the day. The girls then set about preparing their own packed lunches.

After drinks and biscuits, the sun came out and we ventured onto the field to do the planned activities. Roger and Gyll showed the girls how to make giant catapults and the Brownies delighted in shooting “food” towards Tiny, the teddy bear. Once they had got the hang of aiming and firing then they used water balloons to fire at each other. There ensued much laughter and squealing and a great time was had by all.
After all this excitement, we donned wellies and armed with our packed lunches, set off to explore the Mound, jumping over the streams, hiding in the long grass and managing to avoid the stinging nettles - well, most of the time. We found a place for a picnic where the grass was very tall and our ordinary lives seemed very far away.

There were more challenges in the afternoon when Bronia, our District Commissioner, set up an altar fire and the girls were able to cook on it.
The day ended by sharing a lovely meal together eaten out doors.
A fab recount of the day jean , thanks once again for the opportunity to experience new things and create new beautiful memories

Thank you so much for allowing us to use this wonderful campsite and facilities. It was our first time at Castle Mound but it wont be our last. The Scout Troop thoroughly enjoyed their stay. The beautiful surrounding area and the pleasant and clean hut were an absolute added bonus. They're already asking "When can we visit again?" A Great time had by all. 78th Scouts. Coventry.
This is a great tucked away Green campsite. You could be anywhere! Great for proper basic guide camps, division events and fun days. Good for evening activities too.
My Beaver Scouts loved the sleepover there will definitely be back
Great to get the chance to use our new cabin. The girls had a great time - Their highlight, running around the field playing tig in the dark!!
We also walked the the play area in Church Lane - This is great for Brownies/Rainbow age too
We had a lovely rainbow day on Saturday. We took 16 Rainbows and booked the cabin from 2pm - 8pm. The cabin was warm and cosy as it was very cold outside. We play outside with one of the wide games provided so the girls got to stretch their legs. Plenty of space inside the cabin for the girls to do their crafts and activities. The kitchen was well equipped for us to do a roast chicken dinner. We will definitely be back in the summer and make the most of the local park and the fields!
Great weekend had by all in October. The weather was great and it was lovely trying out our new cabin. We walked to the playground twice and had a great time there.

The girls also loved running round the field in the dark playing tig!!
Thank you so much for letting us use the cabin and fields this weekend we have truly had an awesome time!
Hartshill Brownies Aug 2016
The Brownies love the campsite and can't wait to use the new cabin....it won't stop them camping in tents later in the year though!!
Enjoyed using the pioneering equipment, perfect location…
Thank you for letting us stay in your fields and giving us permission to do cool things.